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PC error remote control

MASTER TOPIK's customer service technicians will connect directly
to your PC for quick problem resolution.

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Object on PC error remote control service usage
Registration method for remote control
Please click the register button and input contact No. & time of consultaion and process with technical person

Register for remote control

Please input consultation contents and contact number
If your information is wrong it will be hard to process with consulting.
Name of lectures
Contact address
Cell phone No. - -
General phone No. - -
Please input either cell phone or general phone No..
Possible consultation time
Put your available consultation time.
Consultation contents
If you put korean on PC error, you may get answers much quicker
[Agree to input of information] Input information will be only used for consultation usage only.
Consultation will be processed for a registered order and after completion of register you will be contacted on the consultation time.