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Terms and Conditions

Please check the usage conditions and procedures, rights and responsibilities etc.
pertaining to usage of MasterTOPIK's internet services.

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Access terms

Part 1 General Provisions
Section 1: [Purpose]
These terms and conditions seek to outline the regulations concerning usage of online educational offered content MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean. (Hereafter referred to as: ‘the company’) and the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other essential matters of the user. he user can log on to the company’s www.masterkorean.com and www.mastertopik.com using his/her user ID and password and access all of MasterKorean’s services.
Section 2: [Definitions]
  • ① The terms used in this document are defined as follows:
    • 1. "User" The user is anyone, member and non-member who accesses the company’s site, and uses the site’s educational content and various services.
    • 2. "Member" refers to a user aged 14 years and above who has entered into the Service Provision with the Company, been given a User ID and who is able to continuously receive the Company’s information and use the service provided by the Company.
    • 3. "Content" Content refers to information and material in the form of signs, characters, voices, sounds and images as well as video etc. These signs, characters etc. are used in information networks and regulated in accordance with Section 2 Article 1 Clause 1 pertaining to the Information Network Promotion and Information Security Act. For more effective conservation and use, they are stored and managed in electronic form.
    • 4. "ID" The ID is a set of letters and/or numbers approved by the company whose purpose is to allow the company to recognize individual members and the services they us
    • 5. "Password" The password is a combination of letters and/or numbers which correspond with the user’s ID and serves to confirm user identity and protect user privacy.
    • 6. "Administrator" The administrator is an individual or agency selected by the company whose duty is to ensure smooth and effective operation and management of services.
    • 7. "Cyber money" Cyber money refers to virtual means of payment such as ‘points’, ‘currency wings’, ‘cash’ which can be used to purchase content and services.
    • 8. "Posts" Posts refer to material displayed on the site by the company. This material can include letters, signs, sounds, video etc. which relay information in print, photos, video as well as file links, comments etc.
  • ② Terms not defined above shall be defined in accordance with existing trade and business laws.
Section 3 [Company Information etc. Offers]
The company makes the contents of this document, the company business name, representative names, address (including an address for customer complaints) phone number, fax number, email address, business registration number, secured payment number and the privacy officer name easy for the user to access. This information is listed on the initial service page. The user may access this information via the connection screen on the terms and conditions page.
Section 4 [Posting of Terms and Conditions]
The company posts these terms and conditions on the site accessible by connection screen so that the user may view them.
Section 5 [Revision of Terms]
  • ① Within the scope of privacy protection laws and other laws related to this document, the company may amend these terms for the purpose of business content development and E-commerce.
  • ② In the event that the company amends these terms they will make plain the reason for revision and the effective date of implementation at least ten days prior to the fact (30 day minimum in cases that will adversely affect the user or which will result in large scale changes to the user’s situation). In the days proceeding and following implementation of revisions the company will make every effort to make the changes known including informing standard members by email.
  • ③ Should the user take issue with the revision of terms s/he may discontinue use and withdraw membership.
  • ④ Should the user receive notice of a revision in terms as per article 2 of this section and make no objection in that period of time, this will be interpreted as acceptance of the new terms and conditions.
Section 6 [Interpretation of the Terms and Conditions]
With regard to matters not directly mentioned in these terms or regarding interpretation of these terms, the company will act in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, terms of service set down for individual usage contracts, and detailed guideline regulations and/or related cases.
Part 2 Membership
Section 7 [Membership]
  • ① Member subscription is only available to users aged 14 years and above and once the user agrees with the conditions of the Provision, indicates the relevant items in the prescribed application form provided by the Company, and applies for signing up, and once the Company agrees with the said application, the agreement is considered to be signed.
  • ② The user must provide accurate information on the registration form listed above. In the event that the user provides a false name or inaccurate information s/he cannot receive legal protection and may experience limitations in service.
  • ③ Regarding the application described in article one of this section, the company consents on principle. But, the company reserves the right to refuse service. Also, the company reserves the right to terminate service after consenting as well
    • 1. In case the user is aged 14 years and below
    • 2. If the applicant has had membership terminated in the past.
    • 3. If the applicant has terminated membership within the past 3 months.
    • 4. For use of a false identity.
    • 5. For providing false or incomplete information.
    • 6. If user has committed other violations or for other reasons may not be granted approval.
    • 7. If the user fails to meet the obligations outlined in article 18.
    • 8. If the user violates standards of decency when listing ID, password, address etc.
    • 9. Should other requirements set by the company be unfulfilled by the user.
  • ④ Consent can be withheld should the company lack the means to address technical or business issues arising from providing service.
  • ⑤ As per articles 3 and 4 in the event that the company declines to consent to the user membership application, the company is required to inform the applicant. However, the company may decline membership without just cause.
Section 8 [Changes to Membership Information]
  • ① Members can review and change their personal information any time through the Membership Information screen pending successful log in.
  • ② The company assumes no liability for damages that arise from the user failing to register changes in membership information.
Section 9 [Member’s Obligations pertaining to ID and Password Management]
  • ① Management of ID and password is the user’s responsibility. The user should not disclose said information to a third party.
  • ② The user should notify the company immediately if his/her ID and/or password has been stolen or otherwise misappropriated to a third party.
  • ③ In the event of an incident such as that described in article 2 of this section the company will call upon the user to reset their ID and password so as to protect their privacy. The company assumes no liability for damages arising from failure to comply with this requirement.
Section 10 [Notice to Members]
  • ① The company will notify the user via his/her registered email address and/or pop-up windows.
  • ② Should there be a notification relevant to all members, in lieu of the personal contact described in article 2, the company will post the notification to the web site for a period of no less than 7 days. Regarding issues pertaining to fees and other important matters the company will make direct contact with the member as described in article 1.
Section 11 [membership withdrawal and disqualification]
  • ① The user may terminate membership by phoning the customer center. Membership may also be terminated online. In this case, the company will process the request and notify the user without delay.
  • ② The company may limit or terminate a user’s membership in the event that the user violates the terms and conditions and/or related laws.
  • ③ The personal information of members who have not used the service continuously for 1 year (dormant member) shall be stored and managed separately from the personal information of other names pursuant to the "Law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information" and the enforcement ordinance of the equivalent law and the relevant personal information shall not be used or provided except for cases set forth by the Law. In such case, the fact that necessary actions shall be taken and that such personal information is being separately stored and managed as well as the items of relevant personal information, all shall be notified to the member via electronic mail, in writing, facsimile, telephone or an equivalent method at least 30 days before the action is taken.
Part 3 Service Usage Contract
Section 12 [Posting of Content]
  • ① The company makes the following contents (including the connection screen) easily accessible to the user.
    • 1. Content designation and type
    • 2. Content price and period of usage
    • 3. The identity of the content creator
    • 4. Content’s material, method of usage, fee, and other usage conditions
  • ② The company offers information on the equipment and necessary technology for use to the user.
Section 13 [Establishment of Contract]
  • ① The company provides application for usage through the following procedures. The company provides the following information so that the user may enter the contract fully aware of the process minimizing the chance of error or misunderstanding.
    • 1. Content list viewing and selection
    • 2. Additional content information
    • 3. Purchase order and payment information (information on refunds)
    • 4. Confirmation of content usage application and consent to the company’s confirmation
    • 5. Purchase method and method selection
    • 6. Reconfirmation of fee amount
  • ② The company reserves the right to deny service in the following circumstances.
    • 1. Using a false or stolen identity
    • 2. Providing incomplete or false information
    • 3. When unable to provide service to to problems with equipment, technologies, and/or business matters
    • 4. Interruption of normal service due to matters outside the company’s control
    • 5. Failure to make payment for fee services.
    • 6. Incorrect payment
  • ③ Upon approval of the user’s application for service usage, the company will notify the user by the methods outlined in Section 10 Article 1. The date of approval notification is considered the start date of the contract.
  • ④ The company’s notification to the user of his/her approval will include information on service usage, usage application correction, cancellation and other relevant information.
  • ⑤ As per article 3 of this section, should one of the situations outlined in article 2 and 3 arise, the company may terminate the user’s membership and limit the user’s access to services until membership termination is complete.
Section 14 [Sale and Delivery of Textbooks]
  • ① The company offers the following services regarding the sale of textbooks and supplies on the web site.
    • 1. Texts and supplies related to the company’s site may be purchased from the site.
    • 2. Sale of textbooks and supplies is limited to those who have completed membership registration.
    • 3. The company will send a confirmation notice to members regarding their online textbook purchases.
    • 4. Online tracking of purchase delivery is possible on the site.
    • 5. Typically delivery occurs within 7 days of order however this can be delayed due to acts of God, books out of stock, etc.
  • ② Should the user purchase textbooks from the company s/he may cancel their subscription within 7 days of receipt of their order. However in cases of completed delivery, the user may not seek refund or exchange in the event of the following:
    • 1. The member has lost or damaged the textbook.
    • 2. The user has used handled the textbook enough to cause ’wear and tear that will decrease its value.
  • ③ In the following situations listed below the member even if the member will be able to seek a refund or exchange for up to 30 days after discovery of the problem within 90 days of receipt of material. However the member must return return the material to the company.
    • 1. The material received is different from what the user ordered or from what the company depicted.
    • 2. The product was damaged before or during delivery.
    • 3. There is a problem with the text copy (blurred print etc.)
  • ④ Excepting the situations described in this section Article ③, the user is responsible for additional expenses incurred for exchanges and returns. The member will be recharged the delivery fee s/he originally paid during purchase. In the case of customers residing on Jeju or other islands, remote areas, or abroad the fee we be based on delivery to the respective area.
  • ⑤ Coupons and other discounts may not be used for refunds. The exact amount customer paid at time of purchase shall be the amount returned.
Section 15 [The Obligations of the Company]
  • ① The company must make good faith effort at all times to exercise the rights and responsibilities as defined by legal statute and the terms of this document.
  • ② So that the member may access and utilize the company’s content securely, the company must have a security system in operation which protects the user’s personal information (including credit information). Also, the company must disclose and comply with its personal information policy
  • ③ The company must have the member’s content usage and payment details available to the member for confirmation at all times.
  • ④ In the event that the company recognizes a valid complaint or issue regarding content use or related matters by the member, the company must address said matter effectively and without delay. The company will utilize the site message board and/or the members email to inform the member of the resolution process and its ultimate result.
  • ⑤ Should the member incur damages as a result of the company’s failure to comply with the obligations outlined in this document, the company will compensate the member accordingly.
Section 16 [Member Obligations]
  • ① The following are types of member conduct which not permitted. In the event that the member fails to comply with one or more types, the company may, for a duration limit some of all of the members site usage. Or, after a considerable period of time may terminate the member’s usage contract. However, if the company has implemented said sanctions on the member, for a given duration the company will provide the member with the opportunity to advocate for his/herself. In the event that the member proves s/he was without fault or negligence, the company will extend the members usage duration in accordance with the duration of sanctions.
    • 1. Using false information when applying or changing membership information or using an other’s identity (ID, personal information etc.)
    • 2. Misuse of the company’s content by copying material for purposes other than personal use, publishing company material or otherwise offering the company’s content to a third party without the company’s express written permission.
    • 3. Changing information the company has posted.
    • 4. Transmission or posting of the company’s protected material (computer programs etc.)
    • 5. Infringement of copyrights or intellectual property rights against the company or another company
    • 6. Acts of slander towards the company or another company
    • 7. Posting and/or using obscene or abusive language, images, video, audio etc on the site.
    • 8. Interfering with another user’s use of the site or impersonating a site employee and/or representative
    • 9. Other illegal or wrongful conduct.
  • ② The member must comply with related laws and regulations, the terms of this contract, notifications regarding usage and content, company notifications, etc. and refrain from interfering with the operations of other businesses.
  • ③ The member may not transfer, donate nor use as collateral use of the company’s services without the express written consent of the company.
  • ④ The member must protect the security of his/her user ID and password. Consequences arising from mismanagement or unauthorized use are the sole responsibility of the member.
Section 17 [Payment Method]
The following methods payment are available for use in accessing content
  • 1. Account funds transfer be it phone banking, internet banking, mail banking etc.
  • 2. Card payment be it a pre-paid card, debit card, credit card etc.
  • 3. Online cash funds transfer
  • 4. Payment using electronic currency
  • 5. Company points such as ’mileage’
  • 6. Company approved vouchers or a contract with the company
  • 7. Phone payment
  • 8. Other means of electronic payment
Section 18 [Service Provided and Suspended]
  • ① In principle content service is provided year round 24 hours a day.
  • ② Content service can be temporarily interrupted due to maintenance inspection, damage and replacement of telecommunications equipment, loss of communication or other significant operational reasons. In this case the company will notify the user using the methods described in section 10. In the event that the company cannot notify the user prior to service interruption, they will notify the user after the interruption in service.
  • ③ In the event that access to fee (content) services the user has purchased are interrupted the company will compensate by extending the user’s duration of access according to the duration of interruption. However, the company does not assume any responsibility should interruption be the result of negligence or wrong-doing committed by a third party.
  • ④ In the event that the company is unable to provide service due to change in business brands, waiver of business or business merger etc. as per section 10 the company will notify the user and as per section 25 article 5 will arrange refund measures.
  • ⑤ The company may need to perform routine site maintenance. The duration of maintenance will follow the duration posted on the services screen.
Section 19 [Change of Content Service]
  • ① In certain cases as merited by operational or technical needs the company may change content service.
  • ② In the event of content service change as described in article 1, the company will notify the user of the nature of the change and the reason for the change via the methods outlined in section 10.
Section 20 [Provision of Information and Displaying of Advertisement]
  • ① The company may as deemed necessary transmit various types of notifications to the user via notice, email etc. However at any time the user is free to decline receipt of these notifications.
  • ② The company may post advertisements on the site, service screen or by email. The user may decline to receive email posting advertisements.
Section 21 [Member’s Bulletin Board and Deletion]
  • ① The company may delete member posts which violate the law, terms of usage, information network promotion and/or information security. In the following cases the company may immediately delete member’s posted material. However, in the case of Article 10, the company will post a public notice.
    • 1. Material which slanders or defames the company, another member or any other third party.
    • 2. Distribution of material which violates standards of public decency.
    • 3. Material associated with the commission of a criminal act.
    • 4. Copyright infringement of the company’s or a third party’s material.
    • 5. Material which causes conflict by violating the law or infringing on the rights of others.
    • 6. Posting of unnecessary and/or un-approved advertisements or promotional materials.
    • 7. Theft of an other’s personal information, material posted while impersonating another individual, re-posting or altering another individuals material without their permission.
    • 8. Redundancies and posts whose purpose digresses from the purpose of the bulletin board.
    • 9. Material judged to be in non-compliance with the operational guidelines of the bulletin board.
    • 10. Cases where the post’s size is judged too have exceeded the capacities of the company’s service equipment
  • ② Should material posted on the company’s bulletin board adversely affect the legal interests of an individual, that individual may request the company delete the material in question and/or post a refutation to said material. In such cases the company must act without delay in addressing said matter and in notifying the individual in question.
Section 22 [Copyright ownership]
  • ① The company holds copyright on all works and and intellectual property created for the site.
  • ② the user may not reproduce, transmit, broadcast, publish or distribute any of the company’s material for profit or make it available to a third party without express written consent from the company.
  • ③ The member’s posts to the bulletin board operated by the company are protected by copyright law. The company may utilize members posts for promotion purposes in a limited capacity. However, should the member object, the company will discontinue use of the members post.
  • ④ The user permits the company to use his/her bulletin posts domestically and abroad for the following purposes. However, in cases such as those described in Articles 2 and 3 should the user object to the use of his/her posts the company will discontinue their use immediately.
    • 1. With the scope of service, the company may reproduce, transmit, display and distribute users posts and may also alter the size or otherwise alter the layout of exemplary posts to maximize visibility.
    • 2. The company may display or distribute the users posts on related sites operated by the company.
    • 3. The company may report on member posts to news agencies, media outlets etc. for the sake of promotion of company services.
  • ⑤ Not withstanding the provisions of Article 4, should the company wish to utilize the users posts for business objectives other than those outlined in Article 4 (ex. making a users post(s) available to a third party for monetary payment) the company must first obtain the express consent of the user. The company’s request permission to use the user’s post as well as the user’s consent and withdrawal of consent will be carried out via phone, email, fax etc,
  • ⑥ Should the member terminate membership or lose membership privileges as per those conditions outlined in Section 27 Article 1 the company may without notification delete the user’s posts.
  • ⑦ In the case of business mergers, site mergers and business transfer, the company may change the location but not the content of a user’s posts
Section 23 [Personal information Security]
  • ① The company makes full good faith effort to observe all laws and regulations pertaining to information network promotion and information security in the interest of protecting the user’s personal information. Regarding personal security and usage, relevant statutes and the company’s personal information policy are applied.
  • ② When collecting identifying personal information, the company does so with the user’s consent. At any time, the user may request viewing of the company’s information on said user and may make corrections. In such instances, it is the company’s duty to oblige this request completely and without delay.
  • ③ The company may not use the personal information of the user collected during the membership application process for other purposes nor may the company provide this information to a third party. However, the following are exceptions:
    • 1. Statistics, academic research or market research as necessary, if in such a form that the identify of no specific individual is identifiable.
    • 2. When necessary for settlement of rates according to content
    • 3. When necessary for identification so as to prevent theft
    • 4. When unavoidable due to the terms and conditions and/or relevant legal statutes
  • ④ In the interest of protecting the user’s personal information, the company seeks to minimize the number of administrators with access. In the event that the user suffers damages as a result his/her personal information being lost by, stolen from, leaked by, falsified by etc. the company, the company will assume responsibility.
  • ⑤ Personal information may be used by the company or individual who obtained said information from the company only within the range of use consented to by the user. Once the information has served its intended purpose it will be destroyed without delay.
Part 4 Member Usage Contract_Cancellation and Refunds
Section 24 [Cancellation of Member Usage Contract]
  • ① The user may cancel the service contract only within 7 days of the contract start date.(In the event that commencement of services or provision of materials is later than the day of payment, the start date for the contract will be recognized as the day on which services commenced/ materials were provided.) However the user’s right to cancel may be limited according to relevant laws or in the event that the company has taken the following actions:
  • ② Should the user wish to cancel as per Article 1, s/he must either contact the customer center by phone or fax or other means and make his/her desire to cancel known.
Section 25 [Policy Regarding Member Cancellations, Changes, and Refunds]
  • ① Upon receiving the user’s declaration of intent to cancel the company will receive it immediately and upon confirming that the user’s request is in compliance with the regulations regarding refunds will refund monies within 3 business days. However, in the event that the user has received non-cancellable content (services), according to relevant laws (E-commerce laws, content industry promotion laws etc.) his/her right to cancel may be limited.
  • ② In the case of a refund from the company, the company may apply specific deductions for penalties incurred and/or benefits the user has gained from services prior to issuing refund.
  • ③ When issuing a full or partial refund, the company will make said refund using the same means of funds exchange as was used by the user at time of purchase. However, in the event that it is not possible to utilize this same method, the company will immediately notify the user and allow the user to select their means of refund.
  • ④ The company will observe relevant laws pertaining to the establishment and operation of learning institutes, laws pertaining to tutoring, etc when refunding class fees. The standards for refund issuance are outlined in the table below:
    _Standards for Issuance of Class Fee Refunds
    However, the product being online classes there may be a refund deduction based on the number of classes viewed (including PMP downloads). The amount of this deduction will reflect the number of classes viewed divided by the total number of classes.
  • ⑤ When the member cancels his/her usage contract, cyber-money such as points, ’cash’ and ’wings’ acquired and used for payment are subtracted from the balance. In cases were fee services were paid for using recognized cyber-money, that cyber-money is excepted from the refund sum. In the case of ’cash’ purchased with standard currency the refund will be made via ’cash’ or via standard currency. In the event that due to unavoidable circumstances, the company is unable to continue providing service to the user, the company will notify the user as quickly as possible and issue a refund.
  • ⑥ If the user wishes to alter the type of service s/he receives midway through usage, s/he must cancel service using the methods outlined in Article 1 and re-apply. Lateral transfer of services is not possible.
  • ⑦ Should the purchase contract entered into by the user include both educational fees (for video classes etc.) and materials (textbooks, reading materials, learning devices etc) each product will be itemized and refunds and returns will be processed accordingly.
Section 26 [Return of Incorrect Payment]
  • ① In the event that the company receives incorrect payment, the company will return the full amount. However the company may deduct required fees within a reasonable scope.
  • ② When issuing a full or partial refund, the company will make said refund using the same means of funds exchange as was used by the user at time of purchase. However, in the event that it is not possible to utilize this same method, the company will immediately notify the user and allow the user to select their means of refund.
Section 27 [Contract Termination/Cancellation and Restriction by The Company]
  • ① Should the user engage in conduct described in Section 13 Article 2 and/or Section 16 Article 1 the company may, without prior notice terminate the member’s contract or restrict his/her service usage for a set duration.
  • ② Termination as per Article 1 is effective upon the company’s declaration of intent to the user using his/her selected pre-selected means of notification.
  • ③ In the case of contract termination by the company, the guidelines for refund as described in Section 25 may not apply.
Section 28 [Compensation for Defects in Service]
  • ① Should interruptions and/or problems with service arise, the company will notify the user within 24 hours of start time of the issue. However, this will not include duration of service interruption in cases where the interruption is the fault of the user.
  • ② Included in cases where the company has given the user advance notification of interruption and/or problems with service, the company will remedy damages caused by the following. However, this 24 hour requirement does not pertain to those interruptions in service necessary for monthly diagnostics and equipment maintenance.
    • 1. Should interruptions in service exceed 10 hours in a month, the company will extend the user’s period of access free of charge by 10 hours plus twice the amount of time by which the interruption exceeded 10 hours.
    • 2. In cases where the duration of interruption does not exceed 10 hours, the company shall extend the users period of access free of charge for a duration equal to that of the service interruption.
  • ③ In cases where the company fails to give the user prior notice of a service interruption, the company will remedy the damage as follows:
    • 1. Should the cumulative time of service interruption exceed 72 hours in a month: Contract terminations and cancellations will be refunded and compensated for the remaining period of the contract. (However, the company does not assume responsibility in cases where it is proven that they were not at fault.)
    • 2. In cases where the company is at fault and interruption of service exceeds 72 hours in a month, the company will extend the user’s duration of service access by a factor of 3 times the duration of the delay in the service.
    • 3. In the event that service is interrupted due to unavoidable circumstances or the illegal actions of a third party, release from contract is not possible but the company will extend the user’s duration of access to service for a period equal to the length of the interruption
Part 5 Other
Section 29 [Disclaimer]
  • ① The company is exempted from liability in the event that it is unable to provide content as a result of natural disasters and the unavoidable circumstances they entail.
  • ② The company in not responsible for interruptions in usage for which the user is at fault.
  • ③ The company does not assume responsibility for the information, material, factual reliability, accuracy etc. of material posted by users.
  • ④ The company does not assume responsibility for disputes between members or between members and third parties using site content as their medium.
Section 30 [Conflict Resolution]
  • ① Should the user have a dispute with the company, the company will reflect upon the user’s opinion or complaint and take swift and appropriate action. In the event that the matter in question can not be addressed expediently, the company shall inform the user of the reason for this and the anticipated processing schedule.
  • ② In the event of dispute, according to the laws of Content Industry Promotion Article 29, the user may seek dispute mediation from the Content Dispute Resolution Committee.
Section 31 [Exclusive Jurisdiction]
  • ① Jurisdiction pertaining to the user and the company shall be decided by the address listed when filing the content contract. Should no address be listed, the district court of the user’s area of residence shall have sole jurisdiction.
  • ② In the event of ambiguity regarding both the user’s filing address and actual residence, the Code of Civil Procedure shall have sole jurisdiction.
Addendum (2016.07.28)
These terms take affect beginning July 28th, 2016