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Privacy policy

We take the matter of protecting our members' private information
with the utmost seriousness.

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MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean values the personal information of its customers (hereinafter referred to as ‘integrated member’) and is committed to protecting their privacy. Please give your consent after carefully reading the information provided on the items of personal information, the purpose of collection and use, and the period of holding and use.

1. Personal Information Collection Method and Items.

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean collects only essential information for basic service provision, and obtains a separate information collection consent in order to provide services that meet the needs and preference of each integrated member. There is no restriction on the use of the service even if the optional information is not submitted.
  • B. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean collects and uses personal information as follows.
    • ① Information collected at the time of membership, purchasing or other necessary time.
      Information collected at the time of membership, purchasing or other necessary time
      Section Item Purpose of use Personal information Retention period
      MasterKorean MasterTOPIK
      Required Membership and management Identification Email None Destruction after confirmation
      Membership/member management prevention of wrongful use of faulty member /prevention of unauthorized use/prevention of overlapped membership English name, English last name, nickname, ID(e-mail), Facebook ID, Password, language, birth date English name, English last name, nickname, ID(e-mail), Facebook ID, Password, language, birth date Destruction will be made after withdrawal of membership. Provided that, retention is required by applicable laws and regulations, it will be retained separately for the period of requirement and it will be retained for 6 months for prevention of unlawful or expedient acts and the following purposes.

      * Textbook delivery /purchase and payment: it will be destructed without delay after the purpose of use is achieved.
      Provision of service (Performance of contract/Fee settlement) Textbook delivery None English name, English last name, address, Korean mobile number, and order number
      Purchase and fee payment ID(E-mail) , amount of payment, settlement date and payment means ID, E-mail, card information, account information, E-wallet information, Korean mobile phone number, Telecom operator, point card information, access IP, product transaction information
      Refund to depositor of account None Account number, bank name, name of account holder, and contact
      Selective Utilization in marketing and advertisement Notice of event information, newsletter and discount benefits E-mail, Korean mobile phone number
    • ② Information which may be generated in the course of using services
      Information which may be generated in the course of using services
      Purpose Information Collected Period of Storage and Usage
      MasterKorean MasterTOPIK
      Required including Integrated Member identification, preparation for PI infringement accident and record retention for dispute settlement record of taking classes, settlement record, membership registration date, recent login date, login IP, nation IP, last choice language Upon withdrawal of membership, it will be destructed. Provided that, if it is required to be retained by applicable laws and regulations, it will be separately retained for the required period and retained for 6 months thereafter for the purpose of prevention and countermeasures against unlawful and expedient act

      ※ In case of cookie, browser Upon termination or logout, it will expire
      statistics of service use user ID, first name, last name, sex, birth date, e-mail, national code, school cod, matching code, dormant member, facebook member, Site choice language
    • ③ Other mandatorily collected information as required by the laws
      Other mandatorily collected information as required by the laws
      Applicable laws purpose of use collection information retention period
      MasterKorean MasterTOPIK
      Communications Privacy Act Record requierd to be provided to investigation agencies (to be provided to the extent that it is due procedure) log record and IP 3 months
      Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Record of consumer complaint and dispute resolution consumer identification information, record of dispute handling 3 years
      Record of payment and supply of goods onsumer identification information, withdrawal ofcontract or offer 5 years
      Record of withdrawal ofcontract or offer
  • C. Personal Information Collection Method
    • - Homepage, written form, consultation board, telephone, fax, event application, shipping request
    • - Generated information collection through log analysis program

2. Personal Information Collection Method by Cookies

  • A. What is a cookie?
    MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean uses 'cookies' which store information about the integrated members and find them from time to time. A cookie is a small amount of information that a website sends to an integrated member's computer browser (such as Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • B. Purpose of Use of MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean’s Cookies
    MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean uses an integrated member's personal information collected through cookies for the following purposes:
    • - We want to plan and provide a service that meets the needs by identifying the frequency of access or visiting time, devices used, and etc.
  • C. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean’s Cookie Management
    The cookie identifies the computer of the integrated member, but does not personally identify the integrated member. Integrated members can also allow or decline all cookies through the settings in the web browser, or have the cookies checked every time they are saved. The following is how to decline cookies in the settings: (Based on Internet Explorer) Select [Internet Options] in the [Tools] menu of a web browser > Select the [Privacy] tab > Select the desired option in [Advanced].

3. Personal Information Holding Usage Period and Disposal

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean retains and uses the integrated member's personal information for the period of notice and consent. When the purpose of use of the personal information is accomplished, the holding period expires or member's consent of collection and use is withdrawn, the personal information is discarded so that it cannot be viewed or used. However, it will be held if there is a need to hold for a certain period of time, such as for the confirmation of the obligatory relationship of the transaction rights as follows, as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations on consumer protection in electronic commerce and such.
    • 1) Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. Article 6
      • - Records of contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years
      • - Records on supplies such as payment and goods: 5 years
      • - Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
    • 2) Protection of Communications Secrets Act
      • - Internet log record data and data of tracing login place - 3 months
    • 3) other applicable laws and regulations
      ※ Other than that, in order to prove compliance history of Article 50 of the Information Communication Network Act (limited to advertisement information transmission for commercial purpose), personal information in regard to e-mail and text message can be kept for one year. In this case, the shipment histories of withdrawn and dormant members are kept separately from the personal information of general users and are not used for other purposes.
  • B. Information disposal method is as follows.
    • 1) Personal information printed on paper: shredded with a shredder or incinerated.
    • 2) Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file: deleted using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.
  • C. Personal Information Expiration Period System
    • 1) MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean keeps and manages personal information of dormant members (members who have not used the service for the past 12 months or have directly selected an expiration period) separately from the information of other users to protect the personal information of members who have not used the service for a long time.
    • 2) The period of without use is calculated by log-in, contact date of an agent, etc., and users who have not used the service for the period defined by the law and regulations are separated in storage and management.
    • 3) We announce the related contents to the corresponding user through e-mail and such one month before the time of separation/storage of the personal information of the inactive user. If you do not respond within the deadline, you may not receive the benefits as a member.
  • D. We keep the member’s name, ID, log record, connecting IP, etc., for 6 months after membership cancellation on the MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean homepage to prevent illegal or expediency activities of unauthorized usage or re-registration after cancelled membership or repeated arbitrary termination to receive economic benefits through discount coupons and event benefits provided by MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean.

4. Collected Personal Information Usage and Third Party Provision

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean uses the personal information of the integrated member within the range notified in the application form, the Terms of Use, and the 「Personal Information Collection and Purpose of Use」 in the "Personal Information Processing Policy,” and does not go beyond the range and offer information to other companies and organizations. However, when the integrated member has consented or the information is requested in accordance with the procedure set forth by laws and regulations, personal information use and provision with caution are possible.

5. The Consignment of Personal Information Processing Duties

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean consigns the following personal information processing tasks to external professional companies in order to provide basic services, better services, and for integrated member convenience.
    The Consignment of Personal Information Processing Duties
    Consignee Consignment Purpose Personal Information Item Personal Information Holding and Usage Period
    MasterKorean MasterTOPIK
    CJ Logistics Goods Delivery None Name in English, first name in English, address, Korean phone number Discarded without delay once purpose of use is achieved.
    KG Inicis, Inc. Authentication and Transaction at Payment None ID (e-mail), card information, bank account information, electronic wallet information, Korean phone number, phone company, point card information, connecting IP, product transaction information ID Upon withdrawal of personal information usage consent according to consumer request at time of membership cancellation
  • B. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean regulates personal information protection related regulation compliance, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of personal information provided to third parties, liability for accidents, the period of consignment, obligation to destroy or return personal information after processing is finished and such through consignment duty contracts and others, and manages to keep these regulations.

6. Viewing and Correcting Personal Information

  • A. You may review or correct your personal information at any time. You can directly view or correct your personal information by clicking "Edit My Information” or you can request for review or correction by contacting the Personal Information Protection Officer or Director by letter, phone or e-mail and we will take action immediately.
  • B. If you request for the correction of errors in your personal information, MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean will not use or provide such personal information until the correction is completed.
  • C. When wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will immediately notify the third party of the correction result and process the change.

7. Withdrawal of Consent to Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

  • A. You may withdraw your consent at any time in connection with the collection, use and provision of your personal information through the membership. You can immediately withdraw your consent to the collection, use and provision of your personal information by clicking "Cancel Membership" in the "Edit My Information" on the homepage's first screen, and if you contact the Personal Information Protection Officer by letter, phone or e-mail, MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean will immediately take the necessary measures to cancel your membership. We will notify you of any action, such as revoking your consent and destroying your personal information, without delay.
  • B. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean takes the necessary steps to make it easier for you to withdraw your consent (cancel membership) to the collection of personal information than it is to collect your personal information.

8. Notice or Notification Method of Personal Information Processing Policy

  • A. If MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean wishes to obtain further consent from the integrated member in order to use the integrated member's personal information beyond the consent of the integrated member or to provide it to a third party, we will notify you of the pertinent information in advance to the integrated member through a separate letter, e-mail, phone, etc.
  • B. When collecting, storing, processing, using, providing, managing, destroying and other actions of the personal information of an integrated member are consigned to another person, this fact is notified to the integrated member through the membership screen, Terms of Use, Personal Information Processing Policy of the homepage, and receives consent.
  • C. When MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean transfers all or part of the business, transferring its rights and obligations through merger, inheritance, etc., it informs the integrated members individually through letter or e-mail, and at the same time, notifies through distinctively displaying on the first screen of the homepage for more than 30 days. However, if it is difficult to post on the homepage due to natural disasters, or for any other justified reasons, it can be substituted by more than 1 announcement in 2 or more centralized daily newspapers (when most of the integrated members reside in a specific area, the daily newspaper that supplies and covers the area can be used).

9. Technical and Administrative Measures to Protect Personal Information

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean provides and applies technical and administrative measures to protect the personal information of the integrated members.
  • B. Technical Measures
    MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean ensures the security of personal information by processing the following technical measures to prevent personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged when processing the personal information of the integrated member.
    • - Integrated member's personal information is protected by a password, and important data is protected with a separate security function by encrypting the file and data transmission or by using the lock function.
    • - MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean uses anti-virus programs to prevent damage from computer viruses. Vaccine programs are updated periodically, and if a virus suddenly appears, we provide the vaccine immediately to prevent personal information from being violated.
    • - MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean adopted the security device (SSL or SET) which can securely transmit personal information on the network by using an encrypted algorithm.
    • - We are doing our best in security by using an intrusion prevention system and intrusion blocking system in preparation for external intrusions such as hacking.
  • C. Administrative Measures
    MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean restricts access to personal information of the integrated member to a minimum number of persons and those with access are as follows.
    • 1) Those who perform marketing work directly to the user.
    • 2) Personal Information Protection Officer and Director and others who carry out personal information protection duties.
    • 3) Any person whose work inevitably requires personal information processing.
      • - MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean has established procedures for accessing and managing the personal information of the integrated members so that affiliated employees can understand and observe them, in addition, regular in-house training on new security technology, the obligation to protect personal information, and etc., is conducted for employees who process personal information.
      • - Data processing rooms are set as restricted areas to control access.
      • - MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean prevents information leak by new employees in advance through information protection pledge or personal information protection pledge signing, and internal procedures are in place and implemented continuously to monitor the execution of personal information processing policy and employee compliance.
      • - MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean employees sign a confidentiality agreement at the time of retirement, so that any person who has processed personal information of members will not damage, infringe or divulge their personal information made known through work duties.
      • - In the event that any personal information of the integrated member is lost, leaked, altered or damaged due to any mistake of the internal manager or technical management accident, MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean will inform the integrated member immediately and arrange appropriate measures and compensation.
  • D. Other Protective Measures
    • 1) Notification and Report System of Personal Information Leakage, etc.
      MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean will notify the users of the loss, theft or leakage of personal information without delay and report it to the Korea Communications Commission or Korea Internet & Security Agency.
    • 2) Personal Information Usage Summary Notification System
      In order to guarantee MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean users’ personal information self-determination, we will periodically notify the users of the personal information usage summary (more than once a year). Usage summary of personal information to be notified is as follows.
      • - The purpose of collecting and using personal information and the collected personal information items
      • - The person who received personal information, the purpose of the provision, and the provided personal information items
      • - Details of the person who has been entrusted with the processing of personal information and the work entrusted with the processing

10. Management and Responsibility of Posts

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean values the posts of integrated members and we do our best to prevent them from being tampered, damaged or deleted. However, this is not true for the following cases.
    • - Spam-like posts (ex: good luck letters, ads for a specific website, inductive ads and links to other sites, etc.)
    • - Posts to spread false facts to defame others and to damage the honor of others.
    • - Posts that disclose personal information of others without consent, and posts with contents that violate the copyright of MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean or the intellectual property rights of a third party or posts with different content from other bulletin board topics.
    • - MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean may delete certain parts or correct them in the form of a symbol, etc. when personal information of others is revealed without consent, in order to promote the desired bulletin board culture.
    • - The navigation pathway is made known on posts that can be moved to a bulletin board of a different topic to prevent any misunderstanding.
    • - In other cases, posts can be deleted after explicit or separate warning.
  • B. Fundamentally, all rights and responsibilities related to the post are reserved for the author. In addition, since information that is voluntarily disclosed through posts is difficult to protect, it is necessary to use the service after consideration before disclosing information.

11. The Rights and Obligations of Integrated members

  • A. Please be sure to enter the most recent personal information of the integrated member accurately to prevent unexpected accidents. The responsibility of accidents caused by incorrect information input belongs to the integrated member and if false information such as unauthorized use of other person's information is entered, membership may be lost.
  • B. Integrated members have the right to protect their personal information and obligation to protect themselves and not to infringe on the information of others. Please be careful not to disclose personal information of the integrated member including the password, and do not damage personal information of others including bulletin board posts. If you fail to fulfill such responsibilities and damage the information of others, you may receive punishment by the 「Information Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act」.

12. Sending Advertisement Information

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean can transmit advertisement type information for commercial purposes through channels such as e-mail, mobile phone text, mobile app, DM, TM in accordance with Article 50 of the Information Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act.
  • B. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean will transmit advertisement information by explicit consent of the integrated member by document or oral method. However, in any of the following cases, prior consent is not received.
    • 1) In the case when the person who collected the contact information directly from the recipient through the transaction relationship of the goods, etc., sends advertisement information of the same kind of transacted goods to the recipient processed by the person for commercial purposes within six months from the end of the transaction of the goods concerned.
    • 2) When cold call sellers use voice to make a cold call according to the “Door to Door Sales Act”.
  • C. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean will provide an indication of advertisement at the beginning of the advertisement information and clearly indicate in the main text, the name and contact information of the sender, and the instructions to easily indicate the intention of consent withdrawal or refusal to receive.
  • D. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean does not transmit commercial advertising information if the integrated member refuses to receive advertising information or withdraws prior consent.
  • E. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean does not transmit advertising information about goods or services prohibited by law.

13. Feedback and Complaint Processing

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean values the opinions of the integrated members, and the integrated members have the right to always receive sincere answers to the inquiries.
  • B. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean operates integrated members consulting counters and Integrated Member Center for smooth communication with integrated members. If you have any questions, please inquire using the contact information below.
    • Integrated Member Center
    • ◦ Director: mastertopik@visang.com, masterkorean@visang.com
    • ◦ Phone: 02-1800-8674
    • ◦ Fax: 02-6070-6148
    • ◦ Address: 170-10 Guro-dong (48, Digital-ro 33-gil), Guro-gu, Seoul Daeryung Post Tower 7-cha 20F
  • C. If you need consultation about other personal information infringement, you can contact the Personal Information Infringement Report Center of the Korea Internet & Security Agency, Cyber Terrorism Response Center of the National Police Agency, etc.
    • Cybercrime Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office
    • ◦ Phone: 1301 No area code
    • ◦ URL: http://spo.go.kr
    • Cyber Bureau of the National Police Agency
    • ◦ Phone: 182 No area code
    • ◦ URL: http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr/index.do
    • Personal Information Infringement Report Center
    • ◦ Phone: 118 No area code
    • ◦ URL: http://privacy.kisa.or.kr
    • Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
    • ◦ Phone: 02-1833-6972
    • ◦ URL: http://kopico.go.kr

14. Personal Information Protection Officer and Director

  • A. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean greatly values protecting the privacy of the integrated members and do our best to prevent any damage, infringement or disclosure of the personal information of integrated members. However, we are not responsible for any unexpected accidents caused by basic network dangers such as hacking that damage information despite the technical complementary measures, or for various disputes caused by posts made by visitors.
  • B. MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean's Integrated Member Center is committed to promptly and faithfully respond to inquiries regarding the personal information of integrated members. If you would like to contact the MasterTOPIK / MasterKorean Personal Information Protection Director, please contact us at the phone number or e-mail below. We will respond promptly and faithfully to inquiries regarding personal information.
    Personal Information Protection Officer and Director
    Category Personal Information Protection Officer Personal Information Protection Director
    Name Lee Woo Sang CP Lee Jung Woo CP
    Department Management Support Core IT Strategy Cell
    Phone 1544-0544 1544-0544
    E-mail privacy@visang.com privacy@visang.com

15. Duty of Notice

  • The current personal information processing policy was enacted on December 12, 2018. If a government policy or security technology change necessitates the addition, deletion or modification of the content, the general content should be notified at least 7 days before revision, and 40 days before revision for important content, through the bulletin board on the homepage.
  • Personal Information Processing Policy Notice Date: December 7, 2018
  • Personal Information Processing Policy Enforcement Date: December 12, 2018
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December 07, 2016 - December 12, 2018 applied
January 02, 2014 - December 07, 2016 applied